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School Apparel Fundraising

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Fundraising Sales Tools

We offer both a web store and custom brochures for your group. Both are customized for your sale and will include a photo of the product as it will be decorated. Each brochure will include up to 18 of the best selling items. The web store includes additional products and complete description of each item offered. We provide each group with a PDF copy of the brochure to be printed by your group.

Web Store

Apparel fundraising web store sample

With the ease of the internet and social media, your group can start earning money immediately after the sale goes live. The web store provides many benefits to make your sale both easy and successful.

Your group has the option to allow customers to pay the group directly and/or pay online with their credit card. If a buyer selects the option to pay you directly, the buyer will be instructed after placing the order to print out the order confirmation and present that to the group with the payment. To add an additional benefit, a buyer may also pay with their credit card online. There is a 3.5% processing fee for all credit card orders charged to the group.


Apparel fundraising brochure sample

A custom brochure is a great tool to increase sales. It allows for everyone to place an order in a fast and convenient manner. The brochure is a perfect compliment to the web store. 

Below are some of the details of our full service fundraising process.   

    • No money due upfront

      There is no upfront charges to your group. All orders are either paid directly to the group or online via credit card by each buyer. You will not owe any money until the selling is over and all money has been collected.

    • All items are sorted and bagged individually

      If you have ever sorted an apparel order, you know how much work that involves.   All items are bagged and ready to hand out to your group members.

    • Your web store will be branded for your group

      Your logos and colors will be used to enhance the buyer experience.  You may even include specific information for your group as part of the web site.

    • Link to your group website or you may have a custom domain name

      We will provide you free of charge with a custom URL (groupname.groupfundraisingstore.com) or we can create a custom domain for your group. There is an additional $25 fee for custom domains.

    • Offer a wide selection of products

      We hundreds of different apparel items including basic items and high end embroidered items.

    • Offer dozens of products for purchase online for a specific period or ongoing.

      Some groups like to sell for just two weeks and some like to sell all year long.  In either case, we can satisfy your needs.  Year-round sales are great for school and booster groups.  For these groups, you may offer designs for all of the seasonal sports and change as the year proceeds.  As an example, you may offer football, cross country, golf in the fall, basketball, wrestling in the winter, track, baseball and softball in the spring.  You may also offer a specific t-shirt for a big upcoming game, offer group and club merchandise or for many additional needs that your group may have.

    • Customers place their order online and pay by credit card.

      There is a 3.0% fee for credit card orders.  To avoid the fee, customers may pay the group leader and we will bill the group.  The group may avoid paying the fee by paying with a group check.  Personal checks are not accepted.

    • Your group will make up to 25% profit on each item sold.

      The average item sold is $20.00, so your average profit would be $5.00 per item sold.

    • Custom designs

      We will present you with 12 or more designs to select from for your fundraising designs. 

    • Depending on the size of your group, you may offer up to three screen print designs and multiple designs for both embroidery .

      Typically, most groups offer more than one screen print design and one embroidery design. There is a minimum of just 24 items per screen print design.  There are no minimums for embroidery.

    • No set-up or design fees

      There are no set-up or design fees if your group orders at least the minimums discussed above.  We will provide you with an assortment of designs for you to select the best designs that work for your group.

    • Low minimums 

      There is a minimum order of 24 pieces in any combination for each two color screen print designs and only 12 pieces for one color screen print designs.  Thera are no minimums for embroidery.

    • Orders for the entire group can be shipped together all at once to a centralized location to help reduce shipping costs.

      If your group is selling for a short period of time, we recommend that you have us ship the orders to one, centralized location to reduce the shipping costs for your buyers.  Each order will be sorted based on how it is received for easy distribution.

    • Production time

      Normal production time is 2-3 weeks from the time the selling stops and we receive the payment from your group.

Custom Screen Print and Embroidery Designs

We create custom designs to fit your needs to include your mascot, sport, club and logo.

This is an example of a sketch design that we received from one of our customers. We recreated the design for their fundraiser.


Apparel fundraising screen print design before


Apparel fundraising screen print design  after

All orders are sorted and bagged for each seller

All orders shipped will be sorted and ready to hand out. A copy of the order form will be attached to each bag. If you have ever sorted an order before, you will appreciate this service. No need to spend hours of sorting to get the orders ready to be handed out.
Apparel fundraising order bagged and ready to hand out
Apparel fundraising order boxed up and ready to hand out when received by the group

Each group has the option to allow customers to have the orders shipped to the group at one location to save on shipping and/or have orders shipped direct to the buyer. The cost for each item shipped in bulk to one location is just $0.35 each. The cost of shipping to an individual customer is $5.00 for the first item and $3.00 for each additional item. The shipping methods provide inexpensive and convenient options to the buyers.

About Us

We are a family owned company that has been producing custom products since 1996. To date, we have produced over 3 million custom items with customers in all fifty states and fifteen foreign countries. In addition, we have been featured on national television for our unique creations. The businesses below are operated by Printeesweet.
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